Fire Pump Systems

 During a bushfire event the electricity network is often the first to fail, followed by a reduction in mains water pressure. 

We recommend a stand alone fire pump to utilise the water stored in a tank, pool or dam to protect your home.

Ensuring you have water pressure to protect your home is the logical first step.



Draw water from a tank / pool / dam

The suction line of your pump should not be restricted, all fittings need to be the same or a larger size than the inlet to your pump.

The main destroyer of fire pumps is running them dry, or not priming them. Avoid this with a valve at the bottom of your tank or a foot valve if drawing from a pool or dam. Both methods allow you to flood the suction line prior to starting the pump.


Fire pump accessories

Utilise the full potential of your pump with our unique range of fittings and adapters.


Distribution Hoses

Connecting your equipment is simple with our hose fittings and adapters


Nozzles / Sprinklers

Our nozzles are quality Australian made units and the Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinkler range will automate the wetting down of your home.