Protect your pump

Pump defender, cooling the area around the pump. Extinguishing embers and cooling the muffler.

A fire pump is the heart of your system and should be protected. Our Pump Defender is an ajustable spray that cools the area around your pump reducing the risk of fuel vapourisation and ignition by the hot muffler.

Connecting hose's to your pump.

Connect and control a fire hose easily with our Hose adaptors.

Using industrial hose fittings on your pump will make connecting your hoses  quick and easy. Both Aluminium and Poly Camlocks offer the best value of our quality hose fittings, alternately the forged Aluminum Storz fittings are the same that are used by fire services worldwide.   

Fire nozzles

Dial a Jet Fire nozzle, available from our store.

The business end of your system, the nozzle lets you control and direct the water stream. We recommend using the water efficient "Dial-a-Jet" nozzle, as used by fire services around Australia.

Suction Strainers


Ensuring silt and rocks don't enter your pump will increase it's service life. Our range of quality filters and strainers will help to clean the water entering and leaving your pump.

Quality Hose


We supply quality suction and delivery hoses. Standard or custom we can help.

Rainmaker Sprinkler


Automate your homes protection with our unique bushfire sprinkler, attach to your pump and hang in a elevated position before the fire front arrives to drench your roof and yard.