Garden Tap System

Protect your home during ember attack with a DA Rainmaker.  

  •  attach a splitter to your garden tap 
  • attach a 12mm x 15M hose
  • attach the DA Rainmaker
  • hang in position using the pole adapter
  • turn on the water

The sprinklers will continue to protect your home while there is water pressure.

DA Sprinkler on a garden tap

The DA Sprinkler provides efficient protection for your home.

  • uses 5 Litres per Minute at 100 KPa
  • up to 10 Litres per minute at 300 KPa
  • protect up to 10 metre diameter
  • we recommend placing them every 6 metres  



Adapters and Splitters

Connect up to 4  DA Rainmaker to 1 garden tap using our range of adapters.


DA Rainmaker

Simple and effctive, create a water barrier between your home and the fire front. Designed to efficiently use the water available to protect your home.