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Your one stop shop for all the equipment you will need to protect your home from ember attack!


The staff at Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinklers are commited to helping you establish a budget friendly bushfire protection system.

Living near bushland is amazing, but comes with the increased risk of fire. 

While being insured will cover the cost of rebuilding it won't help with replacing your precious memories.

A bushfire protection system will create a drenched  zone around your home, extinguishing hot embers before they can start a larger blaze. 

Our aim is to help you create that system, our how to guides are designed to help you get ready and we have a range of equipment to help you put together a system that will greatly increase your home bushfire resilience. 

If your not into DIY and want a professional install then our sister company, Evolved Bushfire Protection can help. 

Hot flying embers destroys over 90% of Structures.

Rainmaker Bushfire Sprinklers protect your home , cooling and extinguishing hot embers!


Fire needs three elements to be sustained - heat, fuel and oxygen.

 During a bush fire these elements are in abundance. 


Remove heat and oxygen.

Wets down any fuel reducing the fires intensity.

Extinguishing flying embers and spot fires.

How rainmaker sprinklers work

The Rainmaker's body is designed to attach to most surfaces. 

Click here to down load guide.

Research has shown high wind tend to blow water away from structure with sprinklers mounted on the roof. 

The Rainmaker is designed to be hung off the gutter facing the fire, the high wind actually helps push the water onto your home.

Placing additional Rainmaker in your yard also helps increae the buffer zone and reduce the  fire intensity before it reaches your home.

Customers feed back

Gordon, SA

 "I have to say that they are far more economical on water than I was expecting, goes to show what good engineering can do. I have just visited your website and ordered a 3 pack and whilst I hope I never need them, I will be very pleased to have them at hand. Great Product!" 

Barbara, WA

  “Certainly easier than the roof sprinklers we installed on our original home here, before we recently rebuilt. By the way we loved your video, simple and to the point. Great sprinklers, solid construction and good range, even on towns water.” 

Jennifer, QLD

"We recently worked with Mike to set up stand alone sprinkler systems for our house and barn. As we live in a Hinterland acreage setting, fire is always a concern. We are extremely happy with the Rainmaker Bushfire equipment and system and know that in the next high risk period, we are in a much safer position with a plan and system we trust."

Simon, Victoria

"Brilliant consultation and service. I chatted with Mike at length re. my property in a fire zone outside Melbourne, with Mikes assistance and products I have been able to set up a nice "pre fire" defense to wet down my property before the front arrives and when I'm long gone. Mike listened to my extra requests and was happy to tweak the product to suit my requirements. 

Rainmaker Sprinkler Range

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